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Janet Coster MA | Linda Cunningham, MA | Julien Devereux LCSW, LCDC |
Shawn Gallaway | Shirsten Lundblad, MDiv LMT | Gwenn Marie, MA |
Alan Strachan, PhD MFT
| Carlotta Tyler, MS OD

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Janet Coster M.A., PMFT

"I believe in deep democracy. All “voices” - intra-personal and inter-personal - need compassionate hearing in order to bring healing.

Each of us can allow the unconscious to become conscious by facing all that is UN-democratic within. In counseling, I offer a heart-centered container where people practice inner inclusiveness, leading to embodied love and liberation for both self and "other."

I have been profoundly challenged, through Gender Reconciliation work, to explore deep democracy in my soul & marriage: My husband and I were given a much deeper understanding of how gender healing MUST occur within the community context, since gender conditioning/wounding begins at that level. Although we had actively been working on this healing between ourselves for some years, the group support became a bridge toward a much deeper experience of interpersonal healing. Equally, I have been challenged to explore democracy within group relations and with homo/heterosexual/ transgendered persons.

All of this exploration requires a willingness to practice inner/outer truth-telling: courageous, compassionate, authentic. Can we humble ourselves to receive our wounds, our gifts?

Living this level of vulnerability is my personal and professional commitment."


Linda Cunningham, MA

"I strive to see the divine masculine in the men I meet - even if they don't consciously identify with this in themselves.

Gender reconciliation work has also expanded my work of helping women to increase their self-esteem and reclaim their divinity, which has been denied them by all the major religions.

During Satyana's certification training in May 2005 - there were 17 of us in Colorado - my heart so overflowed with love I thought it would burst. The love within and without was so powerful - beyond anything I had ever experienced before. I feel these bonds are forever - that we will be there for each other no matter what. And, things weren't all 'nice' - we confronted one another and opened to new awareness in each moment - ALL in a community of love and respect."

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Julien Devereux LCSW, LCDC

"My relationship with the most important woman in my life, my wife, has deepened into an unshakable friendship that still has deep passion after 34 years together. I no longer project onto her intentions that came from my early development with an alcoholic, abusive, sick mother but experience her as who she is without past baggage from my assumptions about 'all women'.

My relationship with my daughters initially drove me to this work because they were afraid of me. I didn't want to teach them to fear male authority figures. I also began to see the impact of social conditioning on them in middle school, which limited their opportunities and eroded their confidence
and self-esteem.

Following the gender work, my relationships with my daughters went through several years of transformation. Now, we have a great relationship in which they can tell me
anything and I have the ability to simply listen and love them, rather than trying to give them advice and fix them".

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Shawn Gallaway

"I realized how my internal Masculine and Feminine were at war with each other, and how in creating dialogue between them, they came into harmony and balance.

I realized that gender identities are not about sexual preference, but the internal relating people hold within themselves between the Feminine and Masculine energies. I also realized the great value that
the LGBT population brings to a ommunity; they dance between worlds, and can become great bridge builders for healing gender relations."


Shirsten Lundblad, M.Div, LMT

"I have long felt that there is another piece of the work that involves lesbian, gay, and transgendered people exploring this and teaching it together, as some of our experiences in the world in relation to gender are both subtly and profoundly different from those of heterosexual people.  This first became apparent to me in the same-sex groups that we had in our yearlong training.  That is not meant to imply that lesbians all trust each other without reservation (especially when one adds dynamics of race and class).  And yet, that are some trust issues regarding competition for male attention and male-affiliated power that are not experience in the same way with lesbians.  Some of our wounding is also different, and some the same.  I do not wish to capitalize on the difference, and yet it has felt to me that there is a puzzle piece that needs to be fit in here more intentionally to complete the picture and ultimately the healing work ahead of us.  Transgendered people have helped me to begin to explore some of the differences between sexuality and gender, wich is also very important to sort our in this inquiry and group process.

I think this work is some of THE MOST PROFOUND AND IMPORTANT WORK THAT WE CAN BE DOING TO HEAL OURSELVES, and to prevent the annihilation of the species and the planet."

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Gwenn Marie M.A.

"This work has opened me to feeling and expressing the universal feminine grief that shrouds human experience today-war and violence are huge wounds to the feminine.  No wonder so many women can't sleep and suffer from "lack of desire" in the sexual domain! The feminine is in excruciating pain.  How can women feel truly and vibrantly alive and contribute from the feminine when war and violence completely degrade and destroy the human life that comes from our wombs?  I can feel how deeply in touch with feminine grief I am, and it has opened huge new channels of compassion for myself and other women.  I strongly believe that if warring men truly understood how human destruction insults and wounds the feminine psyche, they would stop and come back to the embrace they most need from their women.

I've found a deeply authentic connection with men, as a partner.  The work has helped me experience far less anger and resentment toward men, which has opened many new possibilities for collaboration, friendship, and satisfaction.  The work has helped me understand and appreciate the masculine experience in ways I'm sure I never would have.  For this I am most grateful.

I listen to women's complaints about men from a different perspective-I simply won't play there.  Women must take responsibility for our own emotional ecology and stop blaming men for everything.  My viewpoints about women's responsibility to assume leadership for shifting dynamics are not always popular.  Too many women comfortably reside in blame and refuse to do the work.  A new voice is being called for, not the shrill, demanding voice of "victim," but the calm, reassuring voice of "partner."  Women have no idea of our true power!"

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Alan Strachan, Ph.D., M.F.T.

"On a personal level, this work has enabled me to be far more aware and accepting of how my own identity encompasses - and transcends -- both “masculine” and “feminine” traits.  I have learned that much of what is assumed to be masculine and feminine is a product of social conditioning -- and that, on a deeper level of spiritual truth, who I truly am has nothing to do with my apparent gender.

In terms of relationship, this work has had a profound and positive impact on my marriage. My wife (co-facilitator Janet Coster) and I already had done very deep gender work in and between ourselves prior to the Satyana training, but it was vitally important for us to then do this work in community.  It took us to a level of healing that otherwise would have been impossible.  The spiritual base of the work, and the way that was manifested in concrete, embodied ways, was absolutely essential.

Gender prejudice and violence is pandemic, and it is a tragedy that could be averted by an honest and heartfelt exploration of our true humanity - our essential worthiness that so often is shrouded by gender conditioning.  It would be a revelation - and revolution - for men and women to engage in this work."

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Carlotta Tyler, MS, OD

"I have more empathy for my son and his father, and increased empathy and insight on male behavior and ways to engage in dialogue around interpersonal gender dynamics.

I also have a greater appreciation of the spectrum of sexual identity and behaviors, and my impression expanded that these are not fixed conditions, but have the potential to fluctuate along a continuum from "male"- defined to "female"- defined over a lifetime.

Given a safe container with highly skilled group technicians, as well as gender reconciliation specialist, this work cultivates the ability to cut through and resolve masses of limiting beliefs, woundings, confusion."

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